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Xra'mban, known as the Demonic Language, is the language spoken naturally by all Demons, and it is their native tongue. Only the oldest of angels naturally know the Angelic language of Enochian

The (very few) Earthly Linguists who have learned and studied Xra'mban have been able to record enough of the vocabulary and grammatical rules for humans to learn it, and it is reccomended that any human who is attempting to control a Demon learns this language. 


Bilaibal Alveolar Palatal Velar Uvular
Stop p     t        c        k q
Nasal        m                n        ŋ (ng)
Fricative s       z ç  ʝ (x, j) x   ɣ (kh, gh) χ (qh)
Approximant             l
Trill             r    ʀ (rr)
Ejective stop p' t' c' k' q'
Front Back
Close i i: y y: (i, ii, y, yy)              u u: (u, uu)
Open a a: (a, aa)

Anything that has symbols in brackets above is used to denote the sound if it is already not it's IPA equal. So that means that while /mi/ would remain /mi/, /ɣi/ would be spelled /ghi/. 


The syllables of Demonic can either be EV, EVV, ECV, CVC, CCVC, V, or VC. E is an ejective, C is a consonant, and V is a vowel. Thus a possible word would be /t'asnamac/, or /t'namo/, but not /slnaom/ or /sqhlau/. And there are further rules, for example, the only possible consonant clusters can be fricative-stop, stop-fricative, nasal-stop, approximant-stop, stop-trill, or stop-approximant. This does not allow for /rla/ or /manru/. 


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