A Zombie is a being that has died and then risen from the dead. They are otherwise known as the "Living Dead" or the "Undead". They commonly appear in horror novels and movies. Though thought to not exist, it appears that there have been recent zombie sightings. They have no hierarchy as zombies simply act as a single unit with no leader.

Zombies have various theorized origins including:

  • Ancient voodoo practices in which voodoo witch doctors (sometimes called bokers in their native lands) have reanimated corpses through magical means. A process like this would usually require a "zombie powder", made with sharp, small needles that puncture the skin and allow a deadly neurotoxin to paralyze the victim and destroy the part of the the brain where you can make decisions. The purpose of these resurrections is to control the bodies like puppets, making them completely subservient to the will of the one who raised them. They obey the commands of the necromancer without question, performing whatever tasks put before them. They will remain active until the spell is broken or until the one who raised them dies.
  • Zombies were recently deceased people brought to life by some form of radiation from outer space.
  • A viral infection which spreads through the zombie making contact with broken skin. In The Walking Dead, this virus also spreads to the air, resulting in all newly killed people reawakening once the virus takes over the host's brain.

Zombies appear as humans with pale skin and yellow or deep crimson colored blood due to decomposition. Pieces of flesh tend to fall off any part of the body because of their rotting bodies. Zombies' eyes tend to fall out sometimes or are permanently bloodshot or pale white.  Their fingernails tend to have an advanced growth rate and may even be classified as claws.

Zombies are always violent and are usually searching for living organs and flesh to eat. The reason behind this is yet to be discovered. Zombies appear and attack in very large groups and are never alone, unless that zombie is the only one. They are not aware of these groups. They accidentally make these groups. Zombies are attracted to sounds, since it could be food, so they go to any sound they hear.

They are unfazed by most obstacles but usually are unable destroy them with ease, but it should be noted that a group of persistent zombies could take down an obstacle that a healthy human would tire from trying to do so. A zombie will pursue all prey until it is either eaten or gone out of their sensory range.

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